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Open Architects -Tips for your building project

What does an Architect do?

An architect offers independent and professional advice, works on your behalf to lead the team that realises your building dream (read more..)

The Building Process

The building process begins with ideas and a list of requirements called a brief and ends up to 12 months after the build is complete and once all defects have been addressed (read more..)

Green Design

You can reduce the energy required to heat your home by addressing heat loss through the fabric of the building and the heat loss through the expulsion of warm air from your home (read more..)

Build Cost

There are may opportunities to save or obtain value for money during the building process. Central to this is ensuring accurate pricing at tender stage (read more..)

Architects Fees

Architects fees rarely exceed 1% of the total cost of constructing and operating the building (read more..)

The Building Process

When choosing a builder, seek testimonials from people who have worked with them in the past. If possible, view some of their completed work (read more..)