Green Design

Principle 1 - Reduce the energy required to heat your home

Principle 2 - Find cheaper sources of energy

You can reduce the energy required to heat your home by addressing heat loss through the fabric of the building and the heat loss through the expulsion of warm air from your home. Techniques include simple draught-proofing measures, insulation and heat-recovery systems. We will help you find the best solution for your home and lifestyle.

The sun provides a free source of energy. By investing in systems such as solar panels and geothermal heating you can harness this energy. For every unit of energy used to run the system, you can expect up to 5 units in return.

Ironically, the better job you do at principal 1, the less sense principal 2 makes. This is because the heat required may be so low that it would take too long to see a return on your investment. The best solution can only be found on a project-by-project basis and we offer independent advice to help you determine this.

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