The Building Process

Stage 1 - Schematic Design

Stage 2 - Developed Design & Planning Permission

Stage 3 - Tender Process

Stage 4 - Construction Stage

During Stage 1 we explore various design options until you are broadly happy to develop one option in further detail.

At Stage 2 we develop your preferred option to the level of detail required to apply for planning permission and, if required, we lodge the application.

Stage 3 involves the preparation of the set of instructions the builder will use to carry out the works. This is in the form of a detailed set of construction drawings and a written set of specifications. Good documentation at this point ensures accurate prices when tenders are returned and therefore makes the most of a very competitive market.

At Stage 4 we advise you on the returned tenders and administer the building contract between you and the builder and visit the site at regular intervals to see that the work is being carried out in line with the construction drawings. A standard building contract provides you with a lot of protection. For example you will keep a retention fund of 5% of the contract sum for a period of up to 1 year after works are complete. The builder is paid this amount after this period ends and once all defects have been remedied by him.

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