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4th September 2012

Why Concrete?

Concrete is cheap, strong, readily available and can be used with little skill or experience. Hence, it is usually the poor relation of cobblestone footpaths, brick facades and cut-stone window-cills.

However, it's great potential is as a liquid which hardens to form an extremely strong material - check it out:

Bus Station in Casar de Cáceres, Spain / Justo García Rubio

Leaf imprint in the concretenear the Deike Building doors at Penn State, New York - Image Source

Solid Desk Accessories by Magnus Pettersen Studio

Concrete ceiling (poured using timber shuttering)

Concrete kitchen counter

23rd August 2012

Unou House

Katsutoshi & Associates Architects


The concept of this house design begins with two frames, capturing the views from the site. One is a vertical frame facing east, the other is a horizontal frame facing west. The house exists in the connection of the two frames. The architect writes "I have an idea that the residence should be a one room. However, the monotonous one room which can see the whole feels in many cases that there are few choices of an air and a life. So we have made “one room” which can connect family without seeing directly. This time, We proposed preparing “the boundary of air” connecting good fields of view in the east-and-west and gaining depth and density to the space"

View from the front


View from the rear


House design inside is concieved as a single room


Wooden Frames provide separation within this room

14th August 2012

Open House 5th - 7th October 2012

The Irish Architecture Foundation have announced highlights of Open House Dublin 2012. Almost a hundred buildings of all types and periods will be open to the public with tours offered by professionals and enthusiasts, along with 40 other associated events, all free of charge.

New Buildings Highlights:

Dublin Dental Hospital by McCullough Mulvin Architects


New Depot at Ballyogan by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Architects Department with Bucholz McEvoy Architects.


Paul Keogh Architects’s award-winning social housing Sean Treacy House


Classic Buildings Highlights:

Michael Scott’s 1952 Donnybrook Bus Depot


Andy Devane’s 1976 St Fintan’s Church, Sutton

31st July 2012

Dublin Walking Tours

Walking tours of Dublin by Architectural historian Dr Ellen Rowley and at key stop-off points, through a range of archival films documenting changes to the surrounding streets presented by IFI Curator, Sunniva O’Flynn.


SOUTH TOUR, Saturday 18th August
10am - 1pm book here
2pm - 5pm book here

NORTH TOUR, Saturday 25th August
10am - 1pm book here
2pm - 5pm book here

Tickets €10.

More information from

23rd July 2012

Mirador House

Not many would have seen the potential for a home at this site inside a 'hairpin' turn in a hill-side road! 2.8 X Architects have designed this light structure which sits elegantly in the landscape and enjoys views of near-by Lima