Housing Schemes

Housing Schemes

Open Architects provide design and project management services for housing schemes. Services can be tailored to suit the project, however they typically can be divided into four parts:

1. Sketch Design

Based on an initial meeting with you and discussion of your aspirations, we present design options to you in the form of 3D images and hard line drawings. There is no limit on this process, we continue to present new options to you until you are broadly happy to develop one in more detail. We advise on the need for other consultants

2. Developed Design

Working closely with you, we develop your preferred option to the level of detail required to apply for planning permission and, where planning permission is required we lodge the application. We advise you on and arrange other statutary requirements.

3. Tender Process

We prepare the set of instructions the builder will use to complete the works. This is in the form of a detailed set of construction drawings and a written set of specifications. The stage ends when we send these out to builders for pricing. Good documentation at this point ensures accurate prices when tenders are returned and therefore makes the most of a very competitive market.

4. Construction

We advise you on the returned tenders and administer the building contract between you and the builder and visit the site at regular intervals to see that the work is being carried out in line with the construction drawings. When the construction work is complete we provide RIAI certification as appropriate to the project. Our involvement continues for up to twelve months after project completion. This is to ensure that all snags have been addressed by your builder.


Open Architects usually charge fixed fees based on the project size and complexity.